Code Samples

Section A: Basic Programming Instructions
Chapter 1: Variables, Expressions and Operators
Chapter 2: Control Structures
Chapter 3: Functions
Chapter 4: Objects
Section B: Dynamic Web Pages
Chapter 5: Built-in Functions
Chapter 6: Getting Data from Browsers
Chapter 7: Images and Files
Chapter 8: Dates and Times
Chapter 9: Cookies and Sessions
Chapter 10: Error Handling
Section C: Database Driven Websites

NOTE: To run the rest of the code you must:

A: Set up a MySQL database on your local machine
B: Update the database connection code in each chapter

Chapter 11: SQL
Chapter 12: Getting Data from a Database
Chapter 13: Updating Data in the Database
Section D: Extending the Application
Chapter 14: Refactoring and Dependency Injection
Chapter 15: Namespaces and Libraries
Chapter 16: Membership
Chapter 17: Adding New Features